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George Sorial, PE

Profissional Civil Engineer


"Protecting the New York Home Buyer"

The transformation of a house into a home begins with Cornerstone House Inspection Services. Our quality home inspection starts the process of changing your potential real estate investment into your perfect home. Cornerstone House Inspection Services is the catalyst for a successful home buying experience.

In most cases, the purchase of a home represents the largest investment of your life. Although you may have found your perfect home, it may have serious defects that could affect its safety and habitability. The prudent home buyer recognizes the need for a quality home inspection.

Cornerstone House Inspection Services is a solely owned and operated home inspection company. One of the advantages of choosing Cornerstone House Inspection Services is that you know who is inspecting your house - the owner. Only an owner has a vested interest in his company to provide top quality service to his clients that multi-inspector firms cannot match. Be assured that I will be professional, thorough and concerned about your investment.

Cornerstone House Inspection Services enables the buyer to make an educated decision about their investment. Your risk will be reduced and you also will have peace of mind. This is important during a stressful, but exciting experience.

George is president and founder of Cornerstone House Inspection Services. George holds a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering. In addition to his educational background, he holds the following licenses:

New York State Home Inspector's License

(License #: 16000147523).

NYS Professional Civil Engineer License since 2008 George's engineering background combined with his home inspection experience makes him well qualified to conduct your home inspection.

Experience and education are important qualifications to consider when selecting a home inspector. Home inspectors require specialized training, knowledge and communication skills that differ substantially from those of other building professions. George Sorial possesses all of these skills.

qualifications when selecting your home inspector.

The inspector/business owner, George Sorial, of Cornerstone House inspection Services is a New York State licensed professional home inspector and Professional Civil Engineer licensed.

All inspections performed by Cornerstone House Inspections meet the detailed, high standards of practice set forth by the State of New York.

Our service does not stop when the inspection is finished. We are available for

e-mail or telephone consultation at any time.

A quality home inspection by Cornerstone House Inspection Services is a detailed, visual examination of all areas of the building that are accessible including the exterior, roof area, attics, basement, crawl space, garage and a room by room survey. The inspection covers hundreds of items too numerous to itemize, however, a partial list of major components and systems includes:

Siding & Roofing

Roof Flashings

Roof Penetrations Gutters/Leaders

Doors/Windows Exterior Grading Exterior Drainage Decks/Porches/Patios

Driveway/Walks Structure/Foundation Plumbing System

Water Pressure

Water Penetration

Water Leakage

Sump Pump

Interior Surfaces

Water Heater

Stairways & Railings Electrical Service Electrical Panels

Electrical Wiring Electrical Devices

Heating System

AC System




Cornerstone House Inspection Services is qualified to perform a wide range of real estate inspection services. We can also arrange for specialized inspection or testing services or refer you to a specialist.

provider, Cornerstone House Inspection Services can usually arrange for all of your inspection needs with a single phone call.

You are encouraged to accompany the inspector, ask questions and obtain first hand information about the building's structure, mechanical systems, safety issues and maintenance requirements.

The fee structure for Cornerstone Inspection Services is based upon the size and age of the building to be inspected, not its selling price. Our fees are very competitive when compared with other professional inspection services.

Many expenses are incurred during a costly real estate transaction, but don't sacrifice on the home inspection. You will not be disappointed with Cornerstone House Inspection Services.

Call us at 646-724-4485, we will be happy to provide you with an exact price quote and answer any questions that you may have

The home inspection concludes with a written report detailing all the findings of the inspection. Based on the unique findings of each building inspected, a customized, comprehensive inspection report is promptly prepared including digital photography. The report details in a clear, concise manner all of the major systems and structures and summarizes all of the major repairs. There are no hand written notes or codes to decipher. Why settle for a simple, stereotype check-off report for the most expensive investment that you are likely to make?

Generally, the report is delivered within 48 hours of the inspection via e-mail.

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